Women's Stories are
Important; Here's Ours.
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About Kathy

Kathy Klein has always been an avid treasure hunter--collecting rocks, beads and precious stones since her early twenties. Kathy’s interest in crystals took her to Arizona to study with a local teacher knowledgeable in the healing properties of crystals. Once she returned home, she began collecting every conceivable rock, stone, chain and charm to begin crafting her own fine, hand-made jewelry. She started by making jewelry for close friends and family, passing on what she knew concerning the healing properties of precious metals and crystals. Kathy continues today making beautiful hand-crafted pieces of jewelry that can inspire, uplift and heal all who wear it.

About Marianne

Marianne is an artist with a deep love for designing one-of-a-kind works of art. Her body of work includes paintings, drawings, metal, wood and paper sculptures. Marianne also possesses an understanding of crystal energy and use of it with intention to create a chosen result. Marianne explains, "We want the wearer to enjoy our jewelry for its beauty and to remind the wearer of their own inner power to manifest their desires."

Soul Sidekick started with two best friends and a dream to build a business that helps nourish and empower the creative souls that exist inside us all.


With their combined passions for art, community, and handmade jewelry, Marianne O’Neil-Cook and Kathy Klein began their adventure in 2015 with local pop-up shops and have been providing high-quality, hand-crafted natural stone and crystal jewelry to Cincinnati locals ever since.


More recently, Soul Sidekick expanded to include an e-commerce jewelry business  as well as a physical storefront in Lebanon, Ohio that doubles as a community meeting space and art gallery for local artists. Soul Sidekick expanded its pop-up jewelry shops to Dayton and Lebanon Ohio locations as well.


Whether it be through experiencing the healing power of crystals, stopping by a pop- up shop, attending a “Nourish the creative soul” evening of painting and wine or simply visiting the art gallery to enjoy the work of a local artist, there is something for everyone wishing to seek out, empower and enliven their creative souls with Soul Sidekick.