Artist: Lish

"As a luminous abstract expressionist artist my paintings are very textural and organic. Inspired by Mother Nature’s endless creativity, power, and detail. My art contains excessive globs, cracks, and transparent pockets that reference depth, energy and balance. Layering the mixed medias with encapsulated organic matter, metallic washes, and a hidden surprise only to be seen in the dark. The glow of a whole different creation. Fluid movement and powerful energy thrust with texture and color.


I found my bliss and life’s calling as a small girl, among pastures, forests, flowers, streams, rivers, rocks, bugs and animals and fossils, inspired to express my discoveries as I marveled at Mother Nature’s endless creativity at all levels of detail. My works are intended to bridge between painting, sculpture and nature, what we are and what we are each predisposed to observe, pulling each of us deeper into ourselves and our essential collective awe of nature’s magic individually experienced."