Silk Scarves by Lish - Available In-Store Only

What is Ebru Marbling?

Essentially, Ebru marbling involves floating a medium on the surface of a liquid or gel-filled bath to create a design, then transferring the design to paper, fabric or 3D object by dipping it into the bath. For us, specifically, it means using traditional techniques and modern materials to create magical, artful moments and beautiful lasting works of art.

Though marbling has been around for nearly 1200 years, it has been shrouded in mystery for much of it's existence. At times enjoying great popular demand, it's processes and techniques were kept secret by the artisans who used them. Indeed, the art form nearly died out around the turn of the 20th century. But with modern materials and technologies available, water marbling has taken on new uses.


Each scarf is the culmination of meticulous, layered processes in a fluid medium, each revealing a unique charm. Part of the beauty of marbling is that no two finished pieces are exactly alike. Scarves can be purchased at the studio.